Stampin Up thank you card

I’m a convert!

Well, I failed in my goal of posting a new project each week (and let’s not even go to my thoughts of entering a new craft challenge a week!). This third trimester has been kicking my proverbial both physically and mentally after a very difficult first birth with my son. However, I do believe that I have kept up with my goal of creating something new each week so I have lots of projects to share in upcoming posts!

Stampin Up thank you card

For this post I used a card kit put together by my lovely upline (and dear friend) JB Stamper for my birthday (back in early July and can you believe I have only just finished making my thank you cards 😁). When I first heard about card kits – where you get lots of precut pieces to assemble as you like and /or personalize I was not that enthused… I couldn’t really imagine assembling someone else’s stuff and knowing how to put together their vision. However, I needed some quick cards in an emergency (a card emergency… that’s a real thing!) so I cracked out my present.

Stampin Up thank you card new house card

As you may have guessed from the title – I am a total convert!! It was super easy and quick to put these together, and even better: I prefer them to anything I have made from scratch. The kit encouraged me to get out of my ‘craft comfort zone’ and try styles and colors I might not normally. I genuinely prefer these to everything I have made recently, except maybe – maybe – my baby girl baby shower card. It was also much easier to personalize these than I had thought, just using my own stamps.

Stampin Up thank you card

I love this kit and am excited to use the other kit JB Stamper gave me 🙂 Then I’m moving onto the Stampin’ Up! kits such as Watercolor wishes:

Stampin up Watercolor Wishes
Stampin up Watercolor Wishes

If you’re hesitant about using kits – I would say: GO FOR IT!!

2 thoughts on “I’m a convert!”

  1. So glad you like the card kits, I knew I had to do something with Stampin’ Up! things for your birthday! And I’m excited that you created your own versions, I just made it easy to get started!


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